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ISA Visiting Fellowship

Fellowships from one to three months for well-established international scholars who work in research projects in collaboration with a Department or a Research Centre of the University of Bologna.

All Professors and Researchers of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna are invited to present proposals for Visiting Fellowships.

During the Fellowship, the Visiting Fellow holds a lecture open to the entire University at Palazzo Marchesini, via Marsala 26.

ISA offers Fellows:

  • Accommodation: a studio-apartment for two people located in Via de Rolandis 3, in the historical centre of Bologna, close to the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Rectorate.
  • Fellows room: an equipped common room for studying and reading in Palazzo Paleotti (Via Zamboni 25)
  • A grant for expenses (in case of Full Fellowship)

Full Fellows are kindly required to sign a contract with the Institute once arrived in Bologna.

Instructions for payment

Fellows will receive their grant after their lecture at ISA.
If you have a Full Fellowship, in order to receive the grant for expenses as soon as possible, you are kindly required to follow these instructions before your departure:

  • please fully fill the "No_Resident_Fellowsdata" form and sent it to the ISA Secretary;
  • please write the date and sign each of the three pages in the space at the bottom;
  • please use capital letters and write clearly;

Please note that


Unless otherwise required ISA will apply the Italian IRPEF taxation (ca. 30% of the gross amount). However, if required, it is possible, to access the double taxation treaty to pay taxes only in the fellow’s country of residence (but please consider that there is generally only a slight difference between the two alternatives while the certification that the fellow must provide is significant and varies from country to country).

Tax Code

It is mandatory to specify at least one Tax Code (if you have an Italian tax code, there is no need to specify the tax code of your country of residence).

Resident in Italy

If you have dual citizenship you can choose to use your Italian citizenship or the one of the country where you are resident to receive the grant.
If you register at ISA as an Italian citizen, in order to receive the contribution you have to fill a different form specific for this case, please request the specific for to the ISA Secretary (

All documents must be scanned and emailed to the ISA Secretary (


The apartments for Visiting Fellows
Visiting Fellows are accommodated in a studio-apartment for two people located in via De Rolandis 3, in the historical center of Bologna and close to the Institute of Advanced Studies.
Convenzioni stipulate
The Tax Treaties between Italy and other countries.

Calls of competition

Calls of competition
See the section.


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ISA Secretary

Via Marsala, 26

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39-051-2087140

Visits by appointment.