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ISA Topic 2017/2018 Game of Fears

Logo Game of Fears (Thanks to Fabio Braga for the logo).

The cycle of meetings on topical issues those leverage our fears. Click to zoom Logo Game of Fears (thanks to Fabio Braga)

ISA - Institute of Advanced Studies presents the ISA Topic “Game of Fears”, a cycle of lectures about the theme of the fear as the highest and common denominator of our times.

“Game of Fears”  is structured in five macro-themes and satellite events and it talks about health and pseudo-cure, vaccines, immigration and demographic aging, media and political use of frightening topics.

The approach will be interdisciplinary and will involve national and international professors and experts from various academic and research fields.

The events are open to the public and mostly take place at the Institute of Advanced Studies (via Marsala 26, Bologna).

Check out more information in the Italian website.

About ISA Topic.

The prize ISA Topic is an annual award that supports and finances innovative interdisciplinary projects from groups of scholars of the University of Bologna.

This year ISA has proposed an unique field of research (the theme of fears) in order to gather various and interdisciplinary proposes from various areas. The call got a very large response.