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The selected projects in the past

ISA Topic 2016
The initiatives selected for the year 2016.
ISA Topic 2015
The initiatives selected for the year 2015.
ISA Topic 2014
The initiatives selected for the year 2014.
ISA Topic 2013 - La meglio infanzia
Child care and development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills.
Isa Topic 2012 - MagnEtic Fields
MagnEtic Fields: Danger or resource?
ISA Topic 2012 - Il cinema italiano contemporaneo, tra politica, identità e memoria
A dynamic perspective on the Italian cinema and its role in the present society.
ISA Topic 2011 - Il cervello e la mente
The human mind: a comprehensible machine, an unsolvable mystery or.... whatever works?
ISA Topic 2010 - Water Resources Management
Integrating geo-historical and technical approaches to analyze economic, political and social implications of the water resources management.
ISA Topic 2010 - Self-Mapping
Explorations and Participatory Cartography for an Interdisciplinary Action Research on Urban Transformations
ISA Topic 2009 - The Reality and its Double
Perspective Symmetries and Complex Numbers between Renaissance and Quantum Physics.
ISA Topic 2009 - Wireless Communications and the Marconi Galaxy
Culture, Technology and Myth-Making
ISA Topic 2008 - The Sense of Body
The ISA Topic 2008 on the theme of body representation will include a summer school in Cognitive Neuroscience, an exhibition, dance performances and a public debate about bioethics.
ISA Topic 2008 - Predicting Changes in a Changing World
Integrating ecological, analytical, economic, political and juridical aspects to forecast and manage the impacts of global changes in marine systems.