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26 Sep - "Claudio Bonivento" Lions Prize - 11th edition 2019

Award for scientific research and technological innovation.

Sep 26, 2019 from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Where Aula Prodi, San Giovanni in Monte 2, Bologna

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The award, offered by LIONS club Bologna, rewards the best doctoral theses of the technological area discussed at the University of Bologna.

Prof. Kimura, from Kyoto University / Fukui University of Technology,  holds the lecture  "Great potential of magnetic fields in materials science".

As you all know, the compass points north and south. This is because there is geomagnetism from north to south.  With a powerful magnet, we can line up almost everything from compasses to pencils, apples, nanotubes, proteins, and more.  In this talk, I will talk about the application of magnetic fields to material science.

Magnetic fields are generated in different ways. The geomagnetism (10-6T) is generated by the dynamo effect, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet (~0.5T) is generated by electron spins, and the magnetic field of the electromagnet (~1T) and the magnetic field of the superconducting magnets (10-30T) are generated by the electric current. We use magnetic fields of about 1 to 10 T in materials science.

What can we do with magnetic fields? With magnetic fields we can determine protein structure, we can determine drug structure, we can fabricate composites with high thermal conductivity, we can produce optical devices, we can separate plastics for recycling, we can separate chiral molecules, etc.  Magnetic fields have great potential.

I hope my talk will attract you like the magnetic field attracts iron.