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28 Apr - "Women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe and Transnationally: Towards a More Inclusive Global History" Lecture by Susan Zimmermann Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary

The visit of Susan Zimmermann is organised in collaboration with Marica Tolomelli from the Department of History and Cultures.

Apr 28, 2020 from 05:30 PM to 07:00 PM

Where Sala Rossa, Palazzo Marchesini, via Marsala 26, Bologna (first floor)

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Conceptual issues evolving around the complex relationship between gender and class, between women-only as opposed to mixed-sex organizing, and with regard to often racialized difference and connection in an unequally developing world, have long constituted productive challenges for the historiography of women workers’ and female trade unionists’ organizing and activism. This historiography has both partaken in and developed together-apart from the new global history of labor and the new historiographies on women’s intenationalism and global govenance. Drawing on the emerging study of women’s labour activism in Easten Europe and transnationally, as well as research examples from other parts of the world including Westen Europe and the Global South, this lecture invites historians of labor, gender and intenationalism to reconsider how historical context and location has shaped our concepts and research paradigms. Highlighting select lacunas and challenges in this area of research field it suggests a number of conceptual moves that can help us to develop innovative research agendas. This includes approaches that focus on historical interaction across political cleavage, the issue of mass-organizing as differentia specifica of women’s labor activism, the overcoming of gender- and class-first biases in the study of the history of labor movements, women’s movements, and more inclusive views on intenationalism and global govenance.