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ISA Medal for Science 2013 to Richard P. Bagozzi

ISA Medal for Science to Richard P. Bagozzi, Dwight F. Benton Professor of Behavioral Science in Management, Professor of Clinical, Social and Administrative Science (University of Michigan)

Oct 14, 2013 from 05:45 PM to 07:40 PM

Where Sala dell’VIII Centenario, via Zamboni 33, Bologna

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On proposal of the Council of the ISA Resident Fellows, Richard P. Bagozzi will receive the ISA Medal for Science, the highest honour awarded by ISA - Istituto di Studi Avanzati in recognition of research contributions characterized by both excellence and influence.

Richard P. Bagozzi will be awarded for his contribution to the behavioral sciences in the management and development of methodologies for scientific research.

During the Ceremony, Prof. Bagozzi will give the lectio magistralis (lecture) "Theory of Mind and Empathetic Foundations of Managerial Mind-sets".



5.45 pm - Opening Ceremony

6.00 pm - Welcome - Greetings by Patrizia Brigidi Dean of ISA - Istituto di Studi Avanzati
Introduction by Massimo Bergami Professor of Organizzazione Aziendale Department of Management - DiSA

6.15 pm - Delivery of the ISA Medal for Science to Richard P. Bagozzi by Magnifico Rettore Ivano Dionigi

6.25 pm - Lecture by Richard P. Bagozzi University of Michigan, "Theory of Mind and Empathetic Foundations of Managerial Mind-sets"

7.10 pm - Public debate


ISA Medal for Sciences
For research activities characterized by excellence and scientific value.
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