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Press Kit

The information, the press releases and the promotional materials.

ISA was founded in 2001 on the model of the most prestigious European Institutes of Advanced Studies with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge at an international level.

Since 2008, ISA has been a branch of the Istituto di Studi Superiori (Institute for Higher Studies) together with the Collegio Superiore of the University of Bologna. Since 2011, along with ISS and Collegio Superiore, it has been in the University Statutes.

Dario Braga has been the Director of the ISA since 2016.
ISA is led by a Board of professors from the University of Bologna (Resident Fellows) and by a Scientific Director, who are appointed by the Rector.


ISA numbers

Over the years, ISA has hosted over 200 researchers and visiting professors from over 50 different countries, and has organized over 250 cultural events.

Every year ISA hosts:

  • 20-25 Senior Fellows,
  • 3-4 young researchers (Eurias, ESRF),
  • 12-15 PhD students.


Dario Braga is the Director of ISA since 2015.