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Sawchuk, Kim

Visiting Fellows in Technologies

Research field

As a feminist scholar my particular expertise is feminist media studies and the digital arts. I am a co-founder of studio xx a Montreal digital media lab by and for women and a passionate advocate of creative investigative research practices, feminist qualitative methodologies and epistemology. This concern permeates all of my work and has been my the main focus of my PhD and Masters thesis supervision.

My second area of interest is in biomedical imaging. Three projects are being completed in this area. A book manuscript  "Biotourism: anatomical imaging in public culture," advances the concept of biotourism through  a series of case studies.  An interactive website (The Biomatrix) is being produced that features Canadian media artists who engage with biomedical imaging or technologies. In collaboration with the Biomedical Communications program, University of Toronto, I am leading a team creating a searchable digital database (and handling protocols) for the original drawings created for the  first anatomical atlas published in North America Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy.

The third newly emergent area of research, and the focus of my proposed residency at the University of Bologna, is in wireless communications technologies. I have co-edited the first Canadian collection of essays in the area (forthcoming), spearheaded a special issue of the CJC on wireless technologies (33.3) and penned or co-authored many articles on the subject. I was a member of the Mobile Digital Commons Network, which is now the Mobile Media Lab. I am a co-director of MML-Montreal.


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University, the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Communication (CJC) and the a co-founder and the co-editor of wi: a journal of mobile media.  My books, articles, anthologies and new media works touch upon three overlapping areas of investigation:  feminist media studies; the history of biomedicine in Canada; and finally the politics and practices of mobile technologies.

Structure Communication Studies (Associate Professor)

Concordia University

Montreal, Quebec,  Canada

Unibo reference

Prof. Gabriele Falciasecca

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna