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Ellemers, Naomi

Visiting Fellows


Naomi Ellemers is a Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University. As a social/organizational psychologist, she is an expert on cooperation in groups and organizations, addressing how social identities lead people to transcend their individual interests and invest in collective outcomes. A key contribution of Ellemers to the field relates to the challenges that emerge when people who represent different social groups and communities work together. She has been instrumental in developing public-private initiatives to address lack of cohesion in local communities and social exclusion at work. In her recent monograph (2017), Ellemers has documented the importance of shared values and group morals in leading individuals to work together, and in providing groups in society with a distinct identity. She advanced existing insights in these issues by inventing novel procedures to assess the impact of group identities on collective task engagement with neuro- cognitive (EEG, fMRI) and psycho-physiological (cardiovascular indicators, skin conductance) measures. She co-edited a successful volume in 2013, documenting this emerging area of research. As PI she leads a large (18.8 million euro) multidisciplinary research program which aims to identify antecedents of ‘sustainable cooperation’ and develop policy recommendations. She has successfully attracted young researchers and has supervised 27 PhD’s to completion. Her publication record includes 270 peer-reviewed journal articles (184 international; 86 national), 54 international book chapters, and 9 (edited) volumes, with an H-index of 75 (April 2018; Google Scholar). Her distinctive expertise has been acknowledged with multiple national and international honors including substantial research grants, publication awards, and invited contributions, for instance by the journal Science on ‘the group self’(Ellemers, 2012), and by the Annual Review of Psychology on ‘gender stereotypes’ (Ellemers, 2018). She was elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences, for outstanding contribution and scientific excellence. Her work received the highest scientific distinction in the Netherlands, the NWO Spinoza award (2010), which is also referred to as ‘the Dutch Nobel Prize’.

From: May 01, 2019 To: Jun 30, 2019

Structure Faculty of Social Sciences Utrecht University (Distinguished Professor )

University of Utrecht

The Netherlands

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