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Laverack, Glenn

Visiting Fellows in Humanities

Research field

Public health and empowerment.


Dr. Laverack is a leader in public health and empowerment and has a distinguished career for more than 30 years working in Central Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and the Pacific regions. He formerly worked as a senior research fellow at the Southgate Institute, Flinders University, Australia and as a Technical Officer with the Health Promotion Unit at WHO, Geneva. He is presently an Honorary Professor in health promotion at the University of Southern Denmark.

Dr Laverack has a wide range of publications regarding health promotion in international settings including books in English, Portuguese, Russian and German. His Ph.D. investigated the accommodation of community empowerment within top-down public health programming.

Dr. Laverack has a significant range of professional experience in cross-cultural settings that facilitates a broad insight at both a theoretical and practice level. Dr. Laverack is committed to working with others to find solutions to the practical application of health promotion in different cultural contexts and in different settings.

Structure Department of Health Promotion Research (Honorary professor in health promotion)

University of Southern Denmark

Esbjerg,  Denmark