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Bernstein, Joel

Visiting Fellows in Sciences, Humanities

Research field

Crystal polymorphism and solid state characterization.


Professor Joel Bernstein is Global Distinguished Professor of Chemistry of New York University Shanghai and Professor Emeritus of the University of Beer Sheva, Israel.

Professor Bernstein is well known in the chemistry community for his contribution to the investigation of crystal polymorphism and solid state characterization. The recent article “Conformational Polymorphism” received in September 2014 enough citations to place it in the Top 1% of the academic field of Chemistry. His book “Polymorphism in Molecular Crystals” is considered as a text book for studying polymorphism. Moreover Prof. Bernstein has been consulted as expert witness in several patent litigations regarding crystal forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients since 1977 up to today by the major pharmaceutical companies.

From: Mar 10, 2005 To: May 10, 2005
From: Apr 08, 2007 To: Apr 18, 2007
Drugs, Polymorphs and Patents

Structure Department of Chemistry (Professor Emeritus)

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Be'er-Sheva ,  Israel