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Fischer, Martin Herbert

Visiting Fellows in Humanities

Research field

Embodied Cognitive Sciences, i.e. the interplay between perception, cognition, and action. This includes studies of attention, numerical cognition, and motor control.


After a PhD on eye movements and attention, I became interested in numerical cognition. From an embodied cognition perspective, I combine my training in motor control with the study of higher level semantic processing, focusing specifically on the domain of number processing. I investigate different domains of human performance to understand relationships between visual perception and spatially directed behaviour. My objective is to take everyday activities, such as number processing, text reading, or arm movements, into the laboratory to reveal specially tuned cognitive mechanisms that coordinate vision and action.
I am an internationally leading researcher into the cognitive mechanisms that associate number knowledge and space. This work has been widely published in the most prestigious journals in my field, including Psychological Science and Nature Neuroscience.

Structure Department of Psychology (Professor of Cognitive Sciences)

University of Potsdam

Potsdam,  Germany