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Snidman, Nancy

Visiting Fellows in Humanities

Research field

Infant temperament, anxious symptoms, autism, and socio-emotional development; Behavioral Inhibition.


Nancy Snidman conducted research specializing in the psychophysiological correlates of infant temperament and anxious symptoms. Her interests include biological correlates of temperament and individual differences, autism, and socio-emotional development.

She was Director of Research, Infant Study, Psychology Department, at the Harvard University; Director of Research at the Judge Baker Children’s Center Autism Consortium; Director of Research of the TRANSCEND EEG Autism Project at Massachusetts General Hospital; Director of Research at the Child Development Unit - Division of Developmental Medicine at the Children’s Hospital.

She is the author, along with Jerome Kagan, of The Long Shadow of Temperament (2004), which traces their 25 years of longitudinal studies of behaviorally inhibited and uninhibited children.

Structure Department of Psychology (Research Professor)

University of Massachusetts

Boston,  Massachusetts