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Scher, Anat

Visiting Fellows


Anat Scher is a Professor of Developmental Psychology specializing in infant development. She is a member of the Centre for Child Development at the University of Haifa, and was the head of the Counseling and Human Development. Dr. Scher has been a visiting professor at the University of Oxford, UBC and Berkeley. The focus of her research is sleep during early development, specifically, she investigates the child’s, parents’ and contextual factors that discriminate between good vs. poor sleep. The role of sleep in early years and how it interacts with other domains of development is researched from different conceptual frameworks, including, relational, attachment and dynamic system perspectives. Applying different research paradigms, including longitudinal and mixed methods approach, and using diverse measures, encompassing biological and psychophysiological correlates, behavioral observations, and narrative analysis, a wide array of questions concerning the interplay between biology and caregiving in child development are addressed. Her research on sleep in early development spans over 30 years, during which the field has moved forwards from Pediatrics and Child Neurology to main stream Developmental Psychology. This shift has led to a Society of Research in Child Development Study Group on sleep and development and subsequently to a SRCD Monograph, in which Dr.Scher took a part. She is currently investigating the impact of sleep on learning, and the long-term impact of early adversity on subsequent child behavior. To this end, she collaborates with leading researchers in the U.S and Europe.

From: Apr 01, 2019 To: Apr 30, 2019

Structure Department of Counseling and Human Development (Full Professor)

University of Haifa, Israel