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Sened, Itai

Visiting Fellows


Itai Sened received his Ph.D. from the University of Rochester. After getting tenured at Tel Aviv University, he moved to St. Louis to become the director of the Center for New Institutional Social Sciences (CNISS) at Washington University, established to Honor the legacy of Professor Doulass C. North, Nobel Laureate in the Economic Sciences for 1993. In this capacity he worked with him closely until Professor North retired and Professor Sened retuned to Tel Aviv University. He served as Chair of the Department of Political Science at Washington University between 2004-7. Under his leadership the department rose to be ranked amongst the top 15 Departments of Political Science in the U.S. In 2014 he moved back to Tel Aviv University to Chair the Department of Public Policy. His first book, The Political Institution of Private Property, was published by Cambridge University Press in 1997. His second book, Political Bargaining: Theory, Practice and Process, co-authored with Gideon Doron, was published by Sage Publication in 2001. He published numerous articles in all of the top refereed jounals in Political Science including, The American Political Science Review, The American Jounal of Political Science, The Jounal of Politics, The British jounal of Political Science, the European Jounal for Political Research, the Jounal of Theoretical Politics and many others. He is the co-editor, with Jack Knight, of Explaining Social Institutions from the University of Michigan Press (1995). In 2006 he co-authored with Norman Schofield: Multiparty Democracy, published by Cambridge University Press. In 2014 he published a co-edited volume with Sebastian Galiani, again at Cambridge University Press, entitled: Economic Institutions, Rights, Growth, and Sustainability: The Legacy of Professor Douglass C. North. Itai Sened is constantly called to lecture in front of very diverse audiences about his research and about diverse topics in Public Policy. He is currently engaged in cutting edge research on the prospects of the middle class in OECD countries and on the prospects and future of renewable and natural gas energy implementation strategies.

From: Oct 01, 2019 To: Oct 27, 2019

Structure Faculty of Social Science (Full Professor)

Tel Aviv University