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7/04 - "Reconsidering the Human in the Age of Coronavirus: a Humanist/New Materialist Perspective" Lecture by Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace, Boston College, USA

La conferenza di Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace è organizzata in collaborazione con Serena Baiesi del Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture Moderne.

07/04/2020 dalle 17:00 alle 19:00

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What should the humanities be now? In the face of diminishing majors or concentrators, diminishing resources, diminishing prospects for newly minted Ph.Ds., this question haunts many of us in the field.  Today I’d like to offer one possible answer—or perhaps intervention—by proposing that we respond to and incorporate new definitions of the very term that lies at the center of the humanistic project; the human.  While some might hail this new human under the banner of the “posthuman,” I will argue today that humanists gain more by remaining rooted and invested in an expanded definition of what we currently are. In that way, we can explore new disciplinary paradigms, cross once intractable boundaries, take up expanded topics of inquiry, and along the way do some serious soul searching.  As we will see, there are promising signs such work is already underway.

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Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace is Professor of English (English Department Faculty) at Boston College (USA). She specializes in British eighteenth-century literature and culture and feminist and cultural theory. She is also interested in contemporary British culture, including drama, the novel, and film. She has published on eighteenth-century women writers, eighteenth-century consumer culture, and mostly recently on the way that the British slave trade has been remembered and represented in the popular imagination.