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26/05 - "Is a Corporate Economy Compatible with Constitutional Democracy?" Lecture by David Ciepley, Stanford University, Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Science, USA

La conferenza di David Ciepley è organizzata in collaborazione con Marco Casari del Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche.

26/05/2020 dalle 17:00 alle 19:00

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Corporations are not purely private associations.  Rather, they are little governments created by the state in its own image, then placed in private hands.  That is, they are “replicants” of the state, designed to augment the collective power of private parties, originally for the purpose of advancing public ends.  The corporate form is thus not primarily a business technology, but a governance technology.  This lecture lays out the core elements of this governance technology.  Next, it shows how it has been used to constitute colonial empires, constitutional states, and business firms.  It then overviews the 200-year effort of Americans to foster a corporate economy compatible with constitutional democracy.  This effort is failing with the turn towards neoliberalism.  Neoliberalism has transformed not only the market, but also the corporation.  It increases the corporation’s coercion and inequality, while decreasing its productivity.  This renders it inconsistent with constitutional democracy both in its internal government and in its societal consequences.  I ask at the end whether there are economically viable models of corporate governance that are more compatible with constitutional democracy.

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