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9/07 - "Transgressive Materialities: The Afterlife of the World Trade Center" European Netias Lecture by Laszlo Muntean, Radbout University, Nijmegen, Fellow at the IAS CEU, Budapest, Hungary

La conferenza di Laszlo Muntean è organizzata in collaborazione con NetIAS, Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study e fa parte della rassegna di European NetIAS Lecture Series.

09/07/2020 dalle 16:00 alle 18:00

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The destruction of the World Trade Center towers resulted in a radically heterogeneous matter in which the borders between architectural debris and human bodies, as well as the remains of the victims and those of the terrorists, were destabilized. These material entanglements rendered the ruins’ treatment as relics, poisonous material, and scrap metal to be sold equally problematic. Taking its cue from the disintegration of material borders in the ruins, this presentation examines the conflicting political, economic, mnemonic, and reverential factors that have played key roles in the biography of the towers after Ground Zero.

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