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Myths of the mind and myths of the brain

con Anthony Kenny - Università di Oxford

22/03/2011 dalle 17:30 alle 18:30

Dove Aula Magna BUB, via Zamboni 35

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Who is Anthony Kenny

Sir Anthony Kenny is an English philosopher whose interests lie in the philosophy of mind, ancient and scholastic philosophy, the philosophy of Wittgenstein and the philosophy of religion. He has made a significant contribution to the studies about important philosophers like Aristotele, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Wittgenstein. He has been President of the British Academy and President of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

International Secretary - Istituto di Studi Avanzati

In evidenza

ISA Topic 2011 - Il cervello e la mente
The human mind: a comprehensible machine, an unsolvable mystery or.... whatever works?